We love our volunteers!

We need you. If you’ve volunteered in the past, we appreciate your service, and would be honored to have you bring your knowledge and experience to the table once again. If you’re new to the group, there’s no better way to build friendships than by participating.

Help the FCC community that’s here to help you. We’re currently in need of volunteers for the following:

Area Description Estimated Time Commitment Contact Person Email
Chinese New Year February 2015 Various hours depending on position/duties TBD FCFCCChair@gmail.com
Family Dinner Coordinator 30 min-1 hour plus attending the dinner TBD FCFCCChair@gmail.com
New Members & Renewals As needed Rina Speciale FCFCCChair@gmail.com

This group couldn’t exist without the dedication and commitment of our member volunteers. It doesn’t have to take an immense amount of your time, we’re happy to have you help no matter what kind of time you’re able to contribute. Whether you’re coordinating events or bringing food to new families or helping with crafts (or any of the hundreds of things that benefit our group) we are appreciative of your participation.