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Current First Coast FCC members have access to our free Lending Library!

Our books and videos are available to be checked out for a two-week period through our Volunteer Librarian, available at FCFCCChair@gmail.com.

If you need a selection for longer, please renew as needed. Access to your selections will be either through mail or in person at one of our functions. Unfortunately, we cannot bring our entire library to meetings, so please make prior arrangements to retrieve or return your selections. Late fees are $1 per week, lost or unreturnable items will be charged at current replacement cost.

If you’d like to donate videos, books, or other materials to our library, please contact us.

Thanks, and enjoy our library!


# Title Author/Production Category
B01 Half the Sky Kristoff & Wudunn Culture
B02 Chinese at a Glance Barron’s Culture
B03 Life and Death in Shanghai Nien Cheng Culture
B04 The Chinese in America Iris Chang Culture
B05 Mooncakes & Hungry Ghosts – Festivals of China Carol Stepanchuk Culture
B06 Are Those Kids Yours? Cheri Register Adoption
B07 The Post-Adoption Blues Foli & Thompson Adoption
B08 From China with Love: A Long Road to Motherhood Emily Buchanan Adoption
B09 Adopting After Infertility Patricia Irwin Johnston Adoption
B09 Launching a Baby’s Adoption: Practical Strategies for Parents and Professionals Patricia Irwin Johnston Adoption
B10 When Friends Ask About Adoption Linda Bothun Adoption
B11 Twenty Things Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew Sherrie Eldridge Adoption
B12 Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother Jana Wolff Adoption
B13 A Passage to the Heart Amy Klatzkin Adoption
B14 Supporting an Adoption Pat Holmes Adoption
B15 China Girl David Demers Adoption
B16 A Single Square Picture Katy Robinson Adoption
B17 Wuhu Diary: On Taking My Adopted Daughter Back to her Hometown in China Emily Prager Adoption
B32 Crouching Father – Hidden Toddler C.W. Nevius Parenting
B33 The Intentional Family William J. Doherty Parenting
B34 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline Thomas W. Phelan Parenting
B35 Dr. Spocks’s Baby & Child Care Benjamin Spock Parenting
B36 Toddler Play Gymboree Parenting
B37 Attaching in Adoption Deborah Grey Adoption


# Title Author/Production Category
V1 Zhang Empresses Christina Haglund Culture
V2 Embracing World Cultures: Pearl S. Buck Chengfu Chang Culture
V3 Love Without Boundaries Chengfu Chang Adoption
V4 My Unforgotten Daughter Chengfu Chang Adoption
V5 The Willow Trees: Bonnie Ward Adoption
V6 Long Wait for Home Chengfu Chang Adoption
V7 Peer in the Distance Chengfu Chang Adoption
V8 Struggle for Identity: Issues in Transracial Adoption Potosynthesis Productions Adoption

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