Introducing First Coast FCC FamilyPlus+ Membership

We’ve added a new membership level to First Coast Families with Children from China so your closest family members can show their support, too!

First Coast FCC FamilyPlus+ membership is for grandparents and close family members who are sponsored by their FCC member family! Now, Grandma and Grandpa can show their love and support for your special adoptee by becoming part of the organization that supports them!

What is it?
FamilyPlus+ is a brand-new extended membership level where families can include their extended family membership to include grandparents and close family members for a small additional annual fee of $10 a year per person. FamilyPlus+ members will be eligible for member discounts, receiving our newsletter, and inclusion in our Facebook site. They will NOT be eligible for inclusion in the Yahoo group mailings (see below).

Who is eligible?
In order to be eligible for FamilyPlus+ membership, you must be “sponsored” by a current member family. (In other words, only grandparents, etc. may be members if they’re part of a member family, and it’s approved by that family that they’re included.) Once your family submits a request to First Coast FCC with your name, address, email, relationship to the family with the fee ($10 per additional FirstPlus+ member), the board will consider the application for a FamilyPlus+ membership, just as it considers every membership for approval.

What do FamilyPlus+ members receive?
Once a member family submits their request to First Coast FCC with the additional fee ($10 per additional FamilyPlus+ member), the board will consider the application, and if approved, will contact you with information on how to access member activities, email newsletter, and other member benefits. You’ll also receive member prices at all our events – including Chinese New Year! FamilyPlus+ members will NOT have access to the Yahoo group, as it is designated for families and as a forum to ask sensitive questions, discuss issues, and the like). FamilyPlus+ members are also eligible to volunteer to help with meetings and events, and will have a special FamilyPlus+ designation whenever and wherever it’s applicable.

Do I have to have my family be FamilyPlus+ members to attend events?
Absolutely not. This is an OPTIONAL way for extended families to support FCC if they are interested in doing so. For example, if you’ve historically bought Grandma and Grandpa’s Chinese New Year tickets at the FCC member price on your own membership, you certainly can continue to do so and get the discounted member price, Grandma and Grandpa do not need their own FCC membership to get a discounted rate. If they’d like to participate more and show their support by becoming FamilyPlus+ members, we certainly encourage them to do so. FamilyPlus+ is intended to be a positive way for families to include extended family members in their FCC membership and activities only IF they are so inclined, and is in no way required of any family.

Do I have to live in the First Coast area to be FamilyPlus+?
Absolutely not. If your family would like to show support to your member family by becoming a FamilyPlus+ member, that’s certainly accepted – and encouraged!

How do I get started?
It’s simple. Fill out the FamilyPlus+ application below (or have your member family fill it out for you, if that’s easier). We’ll do our best to review all applications in a timely manner. Please let us know if you have any questions through our contact form.

We look forward to hearing from your family soon!

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