Book Club

First Coast FCC Moms: Come Read (and Visit) with Us!

First Coast FCC Book Club is a monthly event we hold for member Moms (and member Waiting Moms). Book Club focuses on good books – usually with a connection to China, motherhood, and adoption – good eats, and great friendships.

Meetings are hosted in various members homes, usually on Saturdays (non-conflicting with Family Dinners, of course). First Coast FCC members should check the Yahoo group each month for times, dates and locations. We kindly ask that you RSVP at least three days prior to the event, so your hostess will have an accurate count of attendees.

If you have a selection you’d like the group to consider, please submit it at Book Club. For details on time and location, please visit our members-only Yahoo group.

To see the listing of some of our previous book club selections, click here.

To become a member of First Coast Families with Children from China, please visit our membership page.