Attachment Resources

Waiting families and newly-home families (and we’ve been home a while families, too!) may want to know about attachment parenting and issues. Of course, you may have no issues regarding attachment in your adoption, but many of our parents say they’re glad they were prepared, and used the information as a bonding tool when adopting their child.

Following are some online resources that adoptive parents have used and recommend. Please click on the name to bring up their page.

Adoption Learning Partners

Attachment & Older Children

A 4ever Family: Attachment, PTSD, Sensory & Resources

Attach China

Paperchase Group’s Attachment Folder

Attachment Disorder Support Group

Nancy Thomas’ parenting resources

Paperchase Group Resources

Online Bonding/Attachment Training

If you have resources you’d like to recommend, please contact us. FCC posts these links as a member service, and should not be construed as an endorsement or agreement with any of the information on the sites.